zap-a-light game

Zap-A-Light Game 10'x4'

Zap-A-Light Game 10'x4'

    • Setup Area: 12x6

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Zap-A-Light Game will be a hit at any event or party. Zap-A-Light is a modern day version of Whack a Mole with lights, sound, and an LED scoreboard. Ten light pods are ontop of 10 green cones and are programmed to randomly change colors. This game is completly wireless and can be used indoors or outdoors.  

There are three games to choose from with Zap-A-Light Challenge:

The Light Hunter - The spots randomly change color between red and green.  As the game progresses, more and more spots are turned on.  Get as many points as you can by hunting down spots in your own color.

Steal the Light - One red and one green spot light up at random.  If you touch a spot, both spots go out.  Make sure you are always the first and get the most points.

Back to Base - All lights flash red.  Select the red base spot.  All lights flash green.  Select the green base spot.  The base to which you always have to return is now set.

Game has 10 interactive themes.  A theme is a combination of light, music, and sound.  When a spot is touched, a sound specific to the theme is hears.  Themes are Jungle, Princess, under the sea, pirate, western, farm, and more.  

Zap-A-Light Game Light is wirless and does not need any electricity. This game can be played both indoors or outdoors.

Electrical Outlets Required: None

Space Required: 12' x 6' x 8'

Actual Size of Unit: 10' wide x 4' long x 4' high

Capacity: 2 players

Adult Supervision Required: Yes, 1

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