Inflatable Darts Game Rental
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Inflatable Darts Game 8'x6'

Setup Area: 4x6

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The Inflatable Dart Game is a fun and competitive game for kids and adults to enjoy. This is the inflatable version of your classic Dart Game. Comes with the Velcro Darts that players will use to throw on the inflatable board. Each section is numbered 1-20 on the board. Throw the Velcro Darts to see who can get the highest score.  

Scoring points:
-Each section has points appointed to it.  If the dart lands in the large white or black sections the kicker scores the number of points to that area.  If the player lands on the outer red/green ring the player gets three times as many points.  If the dart lands in the middle red dot "bullsyeye" the player gets 50 points. 

Size: 3' deep x 6' wide x 8' high 

Outlets Required: 1

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